Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium Grant

Pupil Premium Grant


NOTE: The summary of the 2017-18 Pupil Premium Grant is currently being verified and the the new plan for 2018-19 is in being finalised for publication in the near future.

What is the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG)?

The Pupil Premium is additional school funding for children eligible for free school meals, looked after children and those from families with parents in the Armed Forces. It is up to the school to decide how it spends this money to raise achievement and improve outcomes for these pupils. In 2016/17, the school received £203,600 of Pupil Premium funding with 264 eligible students.

In 2017/18, the school will receive £191,675 of Pupil Premium funding with 205 eligible students on roll. There are a small number of looked after or adopted children who are also eligible for further additional funding. The school will also receive approximately £19,000 to support students whose families are serving in the Armed Forces.

For information about PPG eligibility criteria, please click here.


Approach and Strategic Summary

In supporting those students who are eligible for the pupil premium, we recognise that not all those who receive free school meals will be socially disadvantaged and not all socially disadvantaged pupils will be in receipt of free school meals. Support and intervention will be allocated to those students or student cohorts identified as a priority dependent on need, whether this in terms of supporting their attainment and progress and/or their well-being. Not all students receiving free school meals will be in receipt of pupil premium interventions at any one time therefore.

The Pupil Premium Grant will be used in 2017/18 to support the school's ´personalised learning´ ethos and to remove barriers to learning, and to promote progress. This will include:

  • the provision of student profiles for all staff so that teaching and learning can be carefully matched to the needs of students
  • the provision of teaching and learning resources matched to the needs of students
  • whole staff training and development focused on meeting the needs of all students
  • intervention in English and Maths, and support for other subject specific intervention
  • additional Education Welfare Officer hours to improve attendance for targeted students
  • support with transport to and from school to improve attendance for targeted students
  • specific pastoral and inclusion staff training in supporting the emotional well-being of students
  • purchasing of additional Careers guidance and interviews for targeted students
  • provision of additional extra-curricular enrichment activities for targeted students
  • the allocation of a dedicated pastoral staff member to respond to the needs of students who have families serving in the Armed Forces


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