Emergency Closure Plans

Emergency Closure Plans

Emergency Closure Plans

Teaching and Learning is our core business but health and safety has to be our number one priority, at all times and any decision to close school will not be taken without due consideration.

In the event of extreme weather conditions (or any other incident which requires full or partial closure of the school), please note the following points: 


1. The school will OPEN providing all reasonable measures can be put in place to do so safely. (This decision will be made in consultation with various agencies e.g. the school bus companies).

2. If we are open, we would like pupils to attend but weather and road conditions can vary from Beverley, surrounding villages and Hull, so parents/guardians must make the final decision on whether or not it is safe for their child to travel.

3. Pupils who are late should report to pupil reception and providing every reasonable attempt has been made to come to school, no child will be punished for being late.

4. On arrival, pupils should report immediately to their form room or the corresponding room of their lesson, depending upon the arrival time.

5. The school buildings will be open for pupils to wait inside, out of the very cold weather.


1. During any periods of adverse weather, please keep checking www.longcroftschool.co.uk where we will post any important information. Please note that this can change from one hour to the next, check the website before any pupils set off for school when the weather is particularly poor. The website notices are time and date stamped, please check you are reading the latest message.

2. Radio Humberside (95.9 FM) will broadcast details of all school closures so please tune in. The station will be extremely busy, please do not try and call for an update.

3. Providing staff are able to access the technology, a text message will be sent to parents.  As this may not be possible, please refer first to the website and Radio Humberside.

4. Please try to avoid phoning the school as this simply blocks the lines for all other incoming and outgoing calls.

5. Keep checking the website and radio stations throughout the day/period for the latest information.


1. A text message will be sent to all parents with the latest information.

2. If the school has to close early, it is unlikely that pupils will be sent home before lunch.

3. Pupils who walk or cycle will be allowed to leave providing they can gain access to their home.

4. Pupils who travel by bus or car or who cannot gain access to home will remain on site and be supervised until they can journey home safely.


Should the school need to close in the event of any other emergency (e.g. fire or flood) the above procedures will act as a guide and be followed where relevant.

Although decisions will need to be taken that are specific to the circumstances, the health, safety and welfare of the pupils will always be the priority.