FOLS Support Table Tennis

FOLS Support Table Tennis

FOLS Support Table Tennis

25th January 2019

Longcroft students can now enjoy new table tennis facilities, thanks to the Friends of Longcroft School (FOLS).

In recent years, table tennis has proved to be a popular activity at Longcroft, both during P.E. lessons and as an extra-curricular activity.  It is also a great way to

encourage students to take part in an activity that might be new to them, whilst encouraging them to work together as a team, build confidence and enjoy themselves.

The purchase of this new equipment highlights the important role of FOLS within the life of the school – their hard work to raise funds to afford the purchase of such additional items enriches the experiences of our students.  Young people from all year groups will have access to the table tennis tables, within a structured and supervised environment. This also illustrates the commitment of staff members from P.E. and all other curriculum areas, who organise activities additional the curriculum and outsides of lessons.  Whilst teaching, exams and revision are undoubtable important to the development of our students and set them up for their adult lives, it is sometimes these additional activities, groups and clubs that stay in their memories for years after they leave school.

Through the combination of staff commitment and enthusiasm, and the dedication and support of FOLS volunteers, aspects like this table tennis project make an important and positive impact on all those students who take part and benefit from them.

Thank you to everyone involved and if you would like to help FOLS or learn more about their work, please email for further information.

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