Unique Music Workshop

Unique Music Workshop

Unique Music Workshop

18th January 2019

If you had asked me before the Monday of the 14th of January what I knew about Indonesia, I would have struggled. However, I can now tell you all about the musical culture of Indonesia… Gamelan!

This is a sacred musical art of Indonesia, based on numbers instead of musical notation (except the dreaded “note four”). It is an expensive rarity in the music world, where every instrument adds its own personal flare to the unique and impressive sound produced.  Former House Martins percussionist Gary Hammond was on hand to help GCSE music students to understand this.

As a class, we also faced the challenge of learning to play a new instrument and style – such as the marimba and the gong.

Effortlessly, the sound of the Gamelan eventually blended together to create a beautiful and interesting sound as we all played our own, unique Gamelan piece.

Personally, I enjoyed the afternoon very much - my musical knowledge has been broadened and I have also discovered an intriguing area of culture. In addition to this, in the future I am more inclined to discover other styles of music globally.

Report by Evie Lane (Year 10)



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