Photography Focus

Photography Focus

Photography Focus

18th July 2018

The dynamism of colour, liquid, and motion electrified art students at Longcroft when David Lund, one of the UK’s foremost commercial and art photographers, visited on Thursday 12th July to share his knowledge and expertise.

Lund, who specialises in liquid photography, and numbers Rolls Royce, Shell Oil, and Baileys among his clients, began the day working with sixth-formers, allowing them to experience what a professional photo shoot is like. Students constructed an enclosed studio set, learnt about cutting edge technology, and the significance of working as a choreographed team in a highly competitive field; including essential vocabulary to communicate at speed.

This was very much a hands on experience, as Lund said “Today is not about me demonstrating, it’s about you learning.

You don’t know what’s going to happen. You can experiment; test your creativity”.

Lund’s innovative photographs push the boundaries of digital imagery, capturing liquid formations imploding and exploding in vibrant colour. Whether kaleidoscopic or strikingly simple they are fused with energy and light. Clearly, our A-level and GCSE students were impressed by the whole process; as one Year 9 said “You got to learn what a professional photographer is doing behind the scenes. It was really practical and exciting; it gave me ideas about what I might do when I’m older”.

The event, organised by Longcroft art teachers Ms Gibson and Mrs Holmes, and sponsored by Beverley Arts Society, was a huge success with students. Moreover, it gave them the opportunity to consider the possibilities of an exciting and lucrative career in the arts. As Mrs Holmes said “The students have seen creativity on another level and been given access to a medium that will let their imaginations fly”.

Thank you to Ms Gibson, Mrs Holmes, and Beverley Arts Society, and of course David Lund for his enthusiasm and passion.

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