Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion

Poetry in Motion

03rd May 2018

To mark the Tour de Yorkshire 2018 starting in Beverley on Thursday 3rd May, one of our talented students has written a poem to mark the occasion.  Year 9 student Katie Parkinson has a natural talent for constructing interesting, evocative and creative verses.  Her poem, which is below, embodies the speed, power and determination of the cyclists who took part in this gruelling competition.  


The Race


First, the cold handlebar

     rubber drinks up heat

beneath a steadfast

     grip –


sweat-glazed and flinching

as road signs and


rush through,

     rush through.


Next, the spokes of a

     blazing wheel,

in crossbar championship,

     hurtle ahead and


over themselves, dancing

     amongst blazing rubber,

dizzy and flying and tumbling

            past a blurring sea and it’s




watch them go,

     watch them race.


Here, the proud peak of

     A helmet strikes onwards

above a forehead’s sheen,

      and it sees the sky

fly past, a bow tilted

     to the rushing of the wind.


Climbing higher,

     climbing higher.



the air is flooded with

     pulsing heat,

the sun smothering

     busy streets,



we go, we go.


Upwards, an eye tilts

     above a panting mouth

and watches,

     for a flashing moment, as

the sky opens up

     and cries,



We go, we go.

            We race.


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