Canine Partners Visit

Canine Partners Visit

Canine Partners Visit

16th March 2018

On Thursday 8th March, the Nurture Group met two special visitors in the Library, and learnt all about Canine Partners, a charity that helps transform the lives of disabled people by providing them with assistance dogs.

Mrs Thomas, a volunteer at the charity, explained her role as a puppy parent, a crucial job in the months of preparing a young dog to become a working assistance dog. She currently works with Tamara, who is undergoing a training programme designed to teach lots of essential skills: helping with shopping, collecting mail, pressing an alarm button; even unloading a washing machine. Mrs Thomas spoke about the practical, psychological, and social impact a dog can have on someone’s life, and students got to see Tamara demonstrate some of the things she has already learnt.

It was wonderful to see students so engaged, and ask so many questions. They were particularly interested in how dogs communicate with each other, and humans. Mrs Thomas described how Tamara really thrives on positive comments, and how this increases her motivation, and self-esteem.

As Thursday was a special Drop Everything and Read session, a time when students take a few minutes devoted solely to reading, the Nurture Group got to read to Tamara. Naturally, such a smart dog proved to be an attentive listener.

Students are shown with new books purchased through the generosity of the Friends of Longcroft.

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