South Pacific

South Pacific

South Pacific

09th December 2017

Well done to everyone involved with the whole school production of South Pacific. With amazing performances from all the actors, singers and musicians, it was clearly a highlight of the school year.

For some of the students, it was their first time taking on lead roles and they all did an amazing job of bring the characters to life.

Everything from the sets and lighting, to orchestra and back stage support, helped to make the production a resounding success, which packed the theatre full of enthusiastic audience members who had nothing but praise for a magnificent night of musical theatre.

At a time when arts funding is increasingly restricted, it is important that as a school we continue to include events of this kind, as the experience, confidence and enjoyment students gain from being part of a production, can be very important to their personal and professional development.

Thank you to the whole Performing Arts Team for putting so much time and effort into this production.

For a full gallery of photographs of the production on, please click here.

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