Poetry Competition

Poetry Competition

Poetry Competition

06th October 2017

Thank you to all the students who submitted poems for the Library National Poetry Day Competition, and all the staff, parents and carers who encouraged them. We have some exceptionally talented poets. Poems will be on display in the LS Library next week.

After a lot of consideration two prizes have been awarded. Emma Coombe, in Year 7, wins for ‘Looking through the Bars’, which tackled the subject of ‘Freedom’ with imagination, empathy, and originality.

In Year 9 Katie Parkinson’s poem ‘Requiem for the Left Behind’ astounded all the staff who read it, showing an understanding of poetic form and sensitivity to language which is remarkable in one so young.

Click here to read a copy of Katie's poem.

Both students will be rewarded with certificates and prizes in assembly.

Keep writing!




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