Longcroft's Best Ever GCSEs

Longcroft's Best Ever GCSEs

Longcroft's Best Ever GCSEs

09th September 2016

The class of 2016 has achieved our best ever GCSE results. If you use the old measure, the Gold Standard of 5A*-C with English and Maths at 68% or the new measure called Basics (the percentage achieving A*-C in just English and Maths) at 70.5%, then these two results are the best we have ever achieved and are well above the national averages. Well done to the students and their teachers.

Beyond these headlines we saw great improvements in the results of both boys and girls. Our girls achieved a basics score of 79%, this is a 9% increase compared to 2015. Our boys achieved a Basics score of 62% which is an 8% improvement on last year. Again our students and their teachers deserve great credit for achieving these results. Both of these results will be significantly better than the national figure for each gender.

21% of all of the grades achieved were at A* and A. Last year 21% of students achieved 3 A*/A passes, this year this figure rose to 29%, again a significant improvement. Our top ten performing students achieved 77 A*/A passes between them.

We are proud to be a school that strives to meet the needs of all students. This year 99% achieved 5A*-G passes to 96% last year. All of our vulnerable groups e.g. students in receipt of free school meals, looked after children, highly mobile children e.g. children of service families, all performed well compared to their peers.

It is worth noting that our results do show a strong link between achievement and attendance. We worked hard last year to improve attendance overall with some success. However we can see that children whose attendance was less than 90% have achieved less well than their peers of similar ability. All of the national research shows that for children to do well at school they must attend regularly and 'regularly' for us means more than 96% of the time.

Well done to all those who took their GCSE exams last year and a big thank you to all the teachers involved.


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