Physical Education Curriculum

Physical Education Curriculum

Physical Education Curriculum

What is this course about?

The GCSE course in Physical Education is exciting, interesting, challenging and hard work.  This is a very demanding course, requiring a high level of commitment, and should only be chosen by those prepared to work hard in both practical and theoretical aspects of the subject.  Fitness must be developed over the three years as a high level of fitness is required when examinations in Year 11 take place.  You will be assessed in three different practical activities. Candidates will also have the opportunity to access Longcroft’s Fitness Suite on a daily basis

What skills will students gain?

The specification in GCSE PE gives students opportunities to:

  • Develop and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding of Physical Education through selected practical activities.
  • Understand the role of rules and conventions in their chosen activity.
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of the different factors that promote healthy, active lifestyles.
  • Promote their understanding of risks associated with taking part in physical activity.
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of anatomy and physiology and its relation to sporting activities.
  • Develop the skills necessary to analyse and improve performance.
  • Support their personal and social development through adopting roles in selected activities when working with others.
  • Develop their knowledge of socio-cultural and psychological factors than can impact on physical activity and performance.
  • Develop their understanding of various methods of training and learn how to improve

                 different aspects of fitness.

What skills are needed?

Candidates should be physically fit, or be prepared to improve their fitness, as a vital part of the course is to plan, undertake and evaluate a 6-week training programme specific to themselves.  GCSE PE candidates are expected to demonstrate high levels of commitment during all lessons including core PE and will have the opportunity to purchase ‘GCSE PE’ kit that can be worn during all PE lessons at school.

How is this course assessed?

The examination will consist of:

Unit 1 – The theory of Physical Education: Written Examination – 1hour 30 minutes (60%)

              Section 1 - Healthy, Active Lifestyles

              Section 2 - Your Healthy, Active Body

Unit 2 – Performance of Physical Education

              Practical Examination (40%)

Qualification Received: GCSE

Grade Range: GCSE = 9 - 1

What career or further education opportunities does this course lead to?

Skills acquired in PE transfer well in school and, as importantly, after school years. An appreciation and understanding of physical health has never been more important and a qualification in this area recognises much more than an ability to perform. The ability to work successfully as a member of a team, to organise and lead, and to analyse both your own performance and that of others effectively are attributes any employer would value.  Potential careers include:

- Nutritionist / Dietician

- Physiotherapy

- Coaching

- Teaching / Lecturing

- Sports Development

- Sports Management

- Psychology

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