Languages Curriculum

Languages Curriculum

Languages Curriculum


What is this course about?

The aim of the French and Spanish courses is to develop pupils' ability in the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  The subject content will cover these main 3 broad themes:

1. Identity and Culture

2. Local, national, international and global areas of interest

3. Current and future study and employment

What skills will students gain?

A working knowledge of one or more foreign languages is becoming increasingly important in many areas of life. There will be more and more opportunities for people to use a foreign language for both social and business purposes within Europe and beyond.  Some universities are now asking for a foreign language to GCSE for certain courses.

Pupils following a foreign language course to age 16 will not only develop their ability to communicate in that language, but will also acquire skills which would enable them to learn another language later in life. Knowledge of different languages and cultures enriches everyday life, and improves employment chances in our global economy – many businesses now find a basic knowledge of a foreign language desirable.

What skills are needed?

The course builds on the skills and knowledge developed in Key Stage 3.

Students who study languages are required to be resourceful, creative and independent learners with a genuine commitment to learning a language and a lively interest in other people and cultures.

How is this course assessed?

  • Unit 1: Listening examination. 25% of overall mark.
  • Unit 2: Reading examination. 25% of overall mark.
  • Unit 3: Speaking.  25% of overall mark.
  • Unit 4: Writing. 25% of overall mark.

All units will be assessed by terminal examination in May/June of year 11.  There is no coursework or controlled assessment element.  All papers will be marked externally, by the exam board.  Students will either be entered for foundation level (gaining a pass at grades 1-5) or higher level (gaining a pass at grades 4-9). They will have to be entered for the same tier for all 4 skills.

Qualification Received: GCSE

Grade Range: 9 – 1

What career or further education opportunities does this course lead to?

Almost any and every job to some extent due to increasing internationalisation across all sectors of commerce, particularly: Tourism, Marketing, Construction, Human Resource, Management, Sport Management, Exporting, Engineering, Translating, Journalism, Teaching, Electronics, Selling, Finance, Computing, Politics and Law.

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